Additional Services

The following is a representative list of services that can be provided by Small Potato LTD. Responses are always specifically tailored to the focused needs of each client. This list comprises the general scope of consulting and management services offered by the company but is not necessarily limited to these items. If you don’t see the service you require, please ask and we will provide you with a quote.

Operational Management

 Concept development

 Operational analysis

 Operations supervision


 Management & leadership

 Corporate support

 Management & staff training


 Menu Development

 Concept Positioning

 Menu & culinary procurement

 Sales growth strategies

 Multi-unit expansion

 Financial controls

 Cost effective scheduling

 Food & beverage costing

 Sales reports

 Profit & loss statements

 Budget & forecast

 Customizable reports

 Web & mobile report access

Operational Programming

 Purchasing System

 Storage System

 Loss Prevention

 Service Style/Techniques

 Greeting and Seating

 Beverage System

 Management Training

 Music and Entertainment

 Hours of Operation




 Marketing Opportunities

 Quality Control; Food, Beverage, Service


 Selection of PR Company

 Specialty Merchandising

 Advertising Supervision

 Promotions Development

 Social Media Marketing

 Graphic Design

 Brand Book

 Menu & All Collateral Design

Master Planning

 Construction Supervision

 Design Supervision



 Site Selection

 Lease Negotiation

 Transfer Representation

Design Development

 Architect/Designer Selection

 Design Direction

 Kitchen Design

 Bar Design

 Supporting Area Design

 Plotting & MEP Planning

Product Supply

 Local Suppliers

 Special Sources

 Product Lists

 National Suppliers

 Vendor Negotiation


 Event Scheduling

 Project Management

 Budget & Timeline

 Supervision & Training

Equipment Supply

 Kitchen Small Wares

 Equipment Selection

 Furniture Selection

 Supervised Install

Revenue Control

 Recommend System

 Set up Controls

 Merchant Services


 Hands-on Supervision

 Evaluation & Plan of Action

 Operational Support

Market Analysis

 Demographic Research

 Competitive Environment

Uniform Selection

 Select Source of Supply

 Select Uniform

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