Creating a Business Plan

When you make the decision to open a restaurant, the first thing you must do is create a business plan. At Small Potato LTD, we guide you with a business plan that contains important details and forecasting for your restaurant. 

A comprehensive business plan is crucial to your business success, used as a guideline for each step of the process and required for any business owner that plans to seek financing.

For Owners and Investors

Small Potato LTD has the experience to help new entrepreneurs develop a solid and comprehensive business plan that is certain to meet the expectations of both owners and potential investors. By using a consulting service, a business owner can dedicate more time to important aspects of opening a restaurant. Our restaurant business plans include everything you as a business owner needs to get started.

 1- and 5- year Sales and Profit Projections

 Business and Marketing Overview

 Rough Draft of the Menu

 Mission Statement

Our business plan is delivered in digital formats so that the business owners can easily adjust their plan as it evolves.

Restaurant Strategy Plans

In addition to a business plan, Small Potato LTD offers business owners a complete restaurant strategy plan. This plan includes a Feasibility Study as well as consulting services in other areas of the business startup, including consulting for architectural design. We provide checklists for business owners to use to make sure they have covered every possible aspect of opening a restaurant. Our strategy plan includes:

 Identification and Demographics of Trade Area

 Business Development Consulting

 Direct and Indirect Competition

 Employee Training Manuals

 Potential Locations

 Marketing Advice

Our plan includes hundreds of different points that a restaurant owner must address when they are in the process of opening a business. You receive a complete consulting service for the success of your new restaurant. Small Potato LTD can take your new restaurant concept and turn it into a reality.

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