Let Us Do the Hard Work For You

Why spend a lot of time and money in finding the right candidate yourself? Small Potato LTD has a strong database with hundreds of handpicked hospitality candidates from all over the world. Looking for a Japanese Sushi Chef? We've got you covered. In need for a multi-outlet F&B Director? We’ve got you covered! 

How we work

The mission of Small Potato LTD is be your first choice when selecting talented professionals in the Hospitality industry.

More than ever, only extremely experienced professionals can be considered for employment overseas. It is important that the selection of candidates is carefully made. The process of searching for the right candidates, checking references, and conducting first interviews will be done by Small Potato LTD.

Small Potato LTD offers a tailored service, and has access to the best and most professional candidates through our own and handpicked partners networks. There will be no charge for presenting candidates 


There will be a discounted fee for 30 days exclusive assignment with Small Potato LTD.

Our Non-Exclusive fees are higher as the market will be somewhat diluted due to multiple recruiters working on the assignment, hence making it more challenging to complete.

For all Contingency searches, admin fees for 30% of the estimated fee are due in the event that:
• The assignment work continues beyond 30 days
• The client decides to appoint an internal candidate after this period without having disclosed the existence of the internal candidate at the start of the process or key appointments.

Guarantees & fees

(Executive) chef’s appointments are our strongest candidate base.
We provide an outstanding service for these assignments with a tailored agreement:

There will be no signup fee.

25% of the fee to be paid when shortlist if candidates is presented

75% of the fee is paid on acceptance of offer

Fees will be invoiced in US Dollars or Euros, at the date of a verbal or written offer and acceptance of the position. All fees are payable within 14 days of the date of invoice.
Our candidates are guaranteed for a period of 3 months from the start date or otherwise agreed. Should the candidate leave the employer either by resignation or by dismissal from the client within the 3 month period, Small Potato LTD will provide free replacement services if the invoice has been paid on time within the 14 day payment period.

Interested in working with us?

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