About Small Potato LTD

During an exceedingly successful career, Jerry Bastiaan decided to share his vast knowledge and experience with a broader audience within the Restaurant, QSR, Hotel, Resort, Bar and (Membership) Club Industries.

That’s why in 2015 Small Potato LTD was founded in Mauritius.

Small Potato LTD has an incredible team of Specialists and International Partners (Europe, Middle East and Africa) as Brand professionals, Marketing experts, Chefs, Designers, Talent recruiters and Restaurant / Kitchen team trainers covering all aspects of the Hospitality Industry.

Small Potato LTD has grown fast since their establishment back in 2015 and has become a trustworthy source of services and solutions for many reputable companies in the Indian Ocean, Africa, the Middle East and Europe.

For all our services, we operate directly from our headquarters in Mauritius. Depending on the needs we can work and do presentations online as well as visiting your venture for shorter or longer periods. We work jointly with a committed choice of hand-picked boutique enterprises based in Cape Town, Johannesburg, Dubai, London, Amsterdam and Rome. 


“It’s a given that a good restaurant serves good food, but a great restaurant needs to do more than that. What separates a great restaurant from a good one​​… is consistency, atmosphere, location, and just how much attention is placed on the details.”

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