Building a Brand Identity 

When it’s time to introduce your brand to the world, Small Potato LTD offers a range of services to market your brand including graphic design, content, and printed copy for all of your marketing and advertising needs. We serve food and beverage venues of any type: restaurants, hotels bed and breakfasts, resorts, and more.

Brand building is necessary in order for today’s companies to succeed. It is a process that promotes your image, creates loyalty and allows your business to maintain its current clientele as well as attract new customers. The TRG team of brand consultants and strategists are experts in creating and improving company brand images.

Why Brand Matters?

There is a reason why restaurant chains like Ocean Basket, Debonnairs and KFC do well. These restaurants invest in strategic branding efforts. They work hard to influence their audiences and create brand loyalty. They recognize that good food and reasonable price are not always enough in today’s competitive market.

Whether your restaurant is just getting off the ground or you have been in business for some time, Small Potato LTD  offers brand development that can make a difference. We specialize in restaurant design services that build, bolster, and enhance your brand, giving you the best odds for long-term success.

Graphic Design

A strong, viable branding strategy begins with relevant graphics used for your logo, signage, business cards, menu, and more. These marketing materials affect how customers perceive and recall your brand. From custom logo designs to product packaging and corporate branding, Small Potato LTD can handle every aspect of your business’ marketing.

We’ll assemble a brand style guide and cover your printed collateral, online presence, and marketing campaign at a price you can afford. We help you create a brand identity for your restaurant that not only attracts customers but also keeps them coming back for more.

A Brand Process

When you hire Small Potato LTD to market your restaurant, we first collect information about your restaurant and your long-term goals. Then we design a compelling and effective image for your business. We find out how you want customers to perceive your business so we can design the graphical elements that convey your desired message.

When we understand your goals, we craft a brand portfolio you can rely upon as you move forward. We’ll ensure an effective strategy for your signage, restaurant menu, and every facet of your brand image.

Brand and Graphic Design

 Concept Book Design & Creation

 Brand Architectural Concepts

 Logo and Stationery Design

 Product Package Design

 Business Card Design

 Marketing Collateral

 Brand Presentation

 Menus Design

Internet Marketing

 Press Releases Site Architecture

 Local Business listing Creation

 Social Media Page Design

 Keyword Content Creation

 Competitor Analysis

 Social Bookmarking

 Email Marketing

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