10 Tips for Your Next Interview 

Finally, and with the guidance of Small Potato LTD, you’ve found your dream job! Below 10 tips helping you to secure your position and stand out amongst the other candidates.


You’ve got 6 seconds, Thats all!

On average, a recruiter or potential employer will spend around 6 seconds reviewing a résumé before deciding to read it entirely. That means you must use simple, easy-to-read formatting. Be sure to target your content towards what is required for the application! It is a must that you revise your résumé before each job application.


Sell yourself in your résumé

Add relevant achievements that set you apart from the masses. Instead of merely stating what you did, where possible, complement this by specifying what results you've achieved. Remember, nothing sells better than facts and figures!


Prepare some responses before
you go into your interview

Practice responses to typical interview questions that seek to uncover your career achievements, ambition, long-term goals, strengths and weaknesses. Why are you the best person for the job? Of course, be careful your responses do not appear too scripted.


First impressions count

Do we even need to say it? Be on time and dress appropriately. If you are nervous, utilising confident posture will assist with projecting a positive tone of voice. Always offer a firm handshake, maintain eye contact and remember to smile.


Read the job description. Twice.

Set aside some time to carefully consider the job brief and what the company is looking for. Print it off, make notes and take it into your interview. Not only will you show that you prepared for the interview, your notes can make useful prompts for questions at the end.


Question the interviewer

Questions are a great way of showing you have considered the role and are genuinely interested in the opportunity. Ask about the specific tasks in the role, team culture, company vision and clarify how these fit with your own motivations. What does success look like? What do they expect you to achieve in the first 1-3 months?


Always be positive

Avoid speaking negatively about your previous employers or co-workers. Be honest about influences affecting your career but refrain from dredging up lengthy horror stories.


Just answer the question!

Stay on track with your responses and try not to waffle. If you are unsure, say so in simple terms. This is better than getting caught out pretending.


Your online impression

In the age of ‘online everything,’ it is common for employers to search for applicants’ profiles on common social media platforms at some stage during the hiring process. Be mindful that your online activity can have an impact on the impression you make. Review what personal information, photos and comments are available to the general public before you commence applying for jobs.


Get a job fit for you

Changing jobs is challenging. Working with a professional recruiter can help you uncover job opportunities best suited to your skills and experience. A good recruiter will also help you refine your interview skills and assist with presenting your best qualities to potential employers.

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