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Why You Need a Restaurant Designer

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Be that as it may, a restaurant without the appropriate design is as inadequate as a dining room without windows or lighting. Your restaurant should be more than simply a spot to eat, it should also deliver a notable experience. You’re not just selling the food and beverage – you’re really selling the atmosphere as well. A restaurant designer is an individual who can create the experience you’d like your restaurant to convey, they can also oversee and supervise the construction process.

Such an expert can help make your business a successful restaurant with great ambiance, marketable focal points, and efficient operations – all within a sensible budget and plan. 

5 reasons you should enlist a restaurant designer

1. Where to begin
On the off chance your establishment is perfect, there’s nowhere to go but up, correct? Everybody realizes that a well-planned design benefits their restaurant business. Nonetheless, only from time to time do individuals really comprehend where to start. A restaurant designer affords a great starting point. This is what they bring to the table:

– They start by conducting a market analysis in order to better understand the trade area.
– Then they create a strategic plan of action.
– This process starts with an idea, which is then conceptualized and illustrated.
– They take into account the how the design will influence your target audience and local market segment.
– They create a uniquely branded or styled theme geared towards attracting your ideal clientele

2. Understanding functionality
One of the key qualifiers for hiring a restaurant designer is that they comprehend and address both the useful just as much as the aesthetical segments of the design plan. For instance, they’ll consider what hues, colors and lighting to use, they’ll understand design requirements needed in order to accommodate the highest number of guests without compromising comfort or flow by having tables too close together. This ergonomic understanding can bring about the best dining experience for your guests, and an equally pleasing working environment for the staff.

3. Understanding the ideal atmosphere
A restaurant designer is best at creating an atmosphere that touches upon all the key factors. They understand the effect certain colors can have on mood and appetite, they also know what lighting will work best with your concept and food. Ultimately, they know exactly how to create an environment that delivers the client experience you desire. These designers are best at breathing life into your vision in a tasteful and refined way. Here’s a rundown of some standard restaurant classes and how a designer can assist you with creating the right look and feel for your restaurant: 

Full Service and Fine Dining:
This category ranges from casual to upscale and the customer base range is vast. In most cases this type of restaurant will also require a significant amount of kitchen space, storage, ware washing area, greeting/waiting area and a bar. Your restaurant designer can assist you with creating the right environment by structuring a design that possesses all the necessary qualities for your specific clientele base and addresses your operational needs. 

QSR and Fast Casual:
Quick food options, to-go, drive-thrus, que lines and bright atmospheres characterize this restaurant category. The fast food industry is a 180 degrees from the full service restaurant described above. Less room is allocated to the kitchen and storage areas and in most cases you must account for additional disposable storage areas, waste receptacles, dining room beverage stations and more. A designer can help you maximize the space you have and make sure your service is quick and efficient.

Bakeries and Coffee Shops:
From bakeries to coffee shops, the cafe experience highlights different classifications of its own. Every one includes its personal style, and requirements. A restaurant designer can assist in creating the right look and feel as well as address any functional subtleties specific to your brand. 

4. Budgeting
A restaurant expert, such as a consultant can shed some light on what it will cost to build your space. How much capital will you require in order to create the dining experience you want for your guests? A restaurant design consultant can assist you with planning for the long-term success of your business. They can assist you on deciding which furniture, fixtures and equipment to select, based on budget, quality, usage, expected lifespan and the overall design impacts on your atmosphere. They can assist you with getting ready for a scalable future expansion as well as address any current construction challenges. They can plan a space suitable for future growth and make smart decisions using budget-friendly materials. Here’s a rundown of costly mistakes a designer can help you to stay away from:

– Over purchasing of FF&E
– Choosing a limited or trend dependent design
– Purchasing low priced/quality items that will have a costly effect
– Choosing the wrong concept for your location
– Not addressing your ideal clientele’s needs

5. Project Management
A restaurant designer can also assist in keeping your remodel or new construction project on track. This can save you a good amount of time and money. Another aspect to consider is the designer’s ability to bid your project and their industry connections. Their assiatnace in the purchasing process can mean you’re getting the most out of your budget and can also spare you the headache and time associated with searching the market for the right find. A restaurant design consultant can not only create the overall plan, but also oversee all aspects related to quality of work, construction schedule, timelines and purchasing in order to ensure the success of your project.

At Small Potato LTD we can help you with all of your restaurant design needs. With our partners, we provide interior design, commercial kitchen and bar design and project management services to all types of foodservice establishments. Contact us for more information

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